Advanced guide: strategies for building villages, winning battles, etc.

Simple, fun and easy to play, Coin Master is a game that stands out for its exceptional game play and its many advantages. If you've been playing for a while, you'll know how exciting it is to move from one level to the next. No matter how experienced you are, you will encounter difficulties as you progress. Here are some tips from Top Coin Master that will help you get through the game more easily.

Tips for getting more coins in Coin Master

To get more coins in this game, you will have to use strategies, but also patience. Here are some tips that you should definitely try to implement.

Always get the bonus of the day

To progress quickly in the world of Coin Master, you need to more parts. The 50 spins offered daily will not be enough to speed up your progress. Your goal will be to explore all the other ways to get corners.

Each day, the game offers you a bonus after you log in. This bonus can represent a significant amount of coins if you accumulate it over several days. So don't hesitate to log in regularly to get this little bonus. It will only take you a few seconds, and you can even start your 50 daily spins.

If time permits, log in every hour to collect the extra 5 spins offered by the app. This will increase your chances of making important lootings and recovering a large quantity of corners.

Invite your Facebook friends

When you created your Coin Master account, you were asked to link your Facebook account. If you didn't, you can still fix it. You just have to go to the settings and follow the instructions which are very explicit. Then you just have to invite your friends to join the game.

The advantage is that each invitation earns you considerable bonuses. You can get up to 40 extra spins for each person invited. So don't hesitate to maximize the number of invitations, and thus increase your chances of getting more pieces.

Participate in events

Occasionally, events are organized in the game. Most of them are very interesting, and you can get great rewards. All you have to do is follow the instructions and participate. In principle, you should obtain gains which you can use to build your village. Event rewards are not always coins, but they are always very useful. So participate as much as you can.

Mythical creatures50 000 coins + 10 spins + 1 shield
Egyptian deities100 000 coins + 20 spins + 2 shields
Fairy Kingdom250 000 coins + 50 spins + 3 shields

How to progress quickly in Coin Master?

To reach the highest possible level in this game, it will not be enough to collect coins daily. You have to collect other elements, but above all adopt a good defense strategy.

Complete the card collections

As you progress in upgrading your villages in Coin Master, you will unlock new collections of cards. Each set represents a bonus. Your mission is to collect all the cards belonging to each collection to get the bonus associated with it. This one is usually very interesting, and will help you make remarkable progress.

Ideally, you should complete each available card collection before moving on to a higher village. It will be very difficult to get some of the cards afterwards. Even if your goal is to move quickly to the higher levelsDon't rush into anything. You may get stuck for several days in some stages, simply because you are missing some items that you could have obtained more easily. To complete the card collections, you can use your corners to buy chests in the store. If you have duplicate cards, you can also exchange them for the ones you are missing with your friends.

Spend your coins strategically

The corners you collect after you've made them must be managed in a smart and careful way. You should use them to buy the items you need for your village, or make improvements at the right times. Sometimes the coins should be used to invest in the purchase of card boxes. It is up to you to analyze the value of each expenditure before making it. A bad investment of your coins will be detrimental to you in the long run, and you will only be fumbling around. So be meticulous in managing your corners.

Before you even start the machine, you need to know in advance what you're planning to improve. This will help you save your turns for more important occasions.

Avoid keeping too many parts

At a certain level of the game, it can be quite interesting to have a good stock of corners. The big players in the world have a lot of them. But before you get to that stage, and provided you use their strategies, you should avoid leaving a lot of coins in your village. Otherwise, you will become a popular target for many other players, especially your friends. All the efforts you would have made to accumulate so many coins would have been for nothing. Therefore, as soon as you accumulate a certain number of coins, do not hesitate to spend them to improve your village.

The only time you can afford not to invest your corners is when you have a shield protecting your village. Other than that, it's an unnecessary risk.

Avoid attacking your friends

There is really no point in declaring war on your friends. They can retaliate at any time, and it would turn into a never-ending battle. You will indeed mobilize important resources by looting, but this will not help you, because your friends will always find a moment to get everything. In order to progress more easily in the game, do not be never the first to launch a raid against a Facebook friend.

If you have been the victim of an attack by someone close to you, you can also avoid retaliating. This way, you don't encourage a possible conflict that would not be to your liking. If a friend persists in attacking you despite your refusal to fight backDon't hesitate to talk to him. You can write to him on Facebook to politely ask him to stop these incessant assaults on your village.

How do you protect your village in Coin Master?

By suffering incessant attacks, you will find it difficult to progress in the game Coin Master. You will have to find effective ways to protect your village, especially when you are at an advanced level.

Collect shields

If you are at an advanced level in Coin Master, you probably know the importance of shields. They protect you from assaults by other players. A shield is a protection against an attack. The further you progress in the game, the more you have the possibility to accumulate several shields.

The small tip we give you is to get at least 3 shields before proceeding with the construction of a village. Until you are ready to finalize the upgrade of a village, do not spend any money without a shield. You may have to start all over again after repeated attacks.

Adopt the rhinoceros

Since the fourth village, you have chosen a pet, especially according to your needs. This choice is not final. Even if you had chosen the fox or the tiger, you can always change your pet. In the defensive phase, the rhinoceros is the best option. It will be very useful if you have many corners to protector if you have just started construction in your village. However, you will have to keep it active so that it can fulfill its role as a defender. Also, think about improving its level to make it more efficient.

companyMain advantageUnlocking level
RhinoProtects the village against attacks4
FoxFind extra coins during a raid4
TigerIncreases attack gains4

Build villages only when you have the resources

At the beginning of the game, you can afford to build your villages eagerly. But when you reach a certain level, it is important to be patient. The easiest way to protect your village is not to build it. Leave it completely empty until you have the resources to the build in one go. This way, your friends will have no interest in attacking you, and even if they do, they won't have any buildings to destroy. As soon as you are ready, build your village, then move on to the next one, and so on.

If you don't know how many parts it takes to complete a village upgrade, check out our platform. On Top Coin MasterIn this section, we provide you with all the information you need to progress. For example, to complete the 18th village, called Wonderland, you will need at least 67 million, while in Coin Manor you will need 109 million. Further on, in Yankee, in the 126th village, you will need 9.2 billion. From the 277th village onwards, you need at least 1 trillion.

Village numberName of the villageConstruction cost
1Land of Vikings3.1 million
18Wonderland67 million
50Corner Manor109 million
126Yankee9.2 billion
277Futuristic City1 trillion