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Available on iOS and Android devices, Coin Master is one of the popular mobile games among Internet users. To progress, the player has to build a village and collect certain resources. This includes obtaining coins and spins, which can be complicated without using real money. The alternative for players is to get free spins and coins through the links provided by the publisher on a daily basis or by performing certain tasks. How to get free coins and spins at Coin Master? What are the tricks to get through the levels of this mobile game?

Free Coin Master Tricks Links

Date and time Free spins and corners Daily link
2024-07-14 13:35:23 10 spins and 1 million coins Collect
2024-07-14 12:35:08 25 spins and 2 million coins Collect
2024-07-14 11:35:07 25 spins and 2 million coins Collect
2024-07-14 10:35:24 40 spins Collect
2024-07-14 00:35:02 30 spins Collect
2024-07-13 23:35:10 30 spins Collect
2024-07-13 22:35:25 40 spins Collect
2024-07-13 21:35:25 30 spins Collect
2024-07-13 20:35:23 10 spins and 1 million coins Collect
2024-07-13 19:35:24 40 spins Collect
2024-07-13 18:35:03 10 spins and 1 million coins Collect
2024-07-13 17:35:02 10 spins and 1 million coins Collect
2024-07-13 16:35:23 25 spins and 2 million coins Collect
2024-07-13 15:35:23 25 spins Collect
2024-07-13 14:35:24 10 spins and 1 million coins Collect
2024-07-13 13:35:24 25 spins and 2 million coins Collect
2024-07-13 12:35:03 25 spins and 2 million coins Collect
2024-07-13 11:35:04 30 spins Collect
2024-07-13 10:35:10 25 spins and 2 million coins Collect
2024-07-13 00:35:03 25 spins Collect
Coin Master

Coin Master: get free spins and free coins

Spins are essential to make the slot machine spin in Coin Master. This allows you to earn coins, new spins and other forms of rewards that you will use in different parts of the game. Here are the main ways to get free spins and coins for fast progress.

Log in regularly to Coin Master

Players have the opportunity to earn rewards simply by logging in every day. Coin Master gives out gifts to regular users, including spins and coins. So you can get your free spins and coins by playing every day.

Links to get free spins and free coins

In Coin Master, you can also obtain free spins and coins by following the giveaway links published by the developers. This is usually available on their social networks. So you need to subscribe to the official Coin Master pages on Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook to get the daily links. Another idea to get your free spins and coins is to join communities and player groups on social networks. Members usually share the daily Coin Master giveaway links they have found with each other.

Invite your friends for free spins

In addition to the daily links, you can get free bonuses in the form of coins and spins by recommending Coin Master. The game gives you free spins for every friend you invite on Facebook. One of the requirements is that they accept the invitation and download Coin Master. You can also open the application and link your account to the social network. The rewards in spins and coins can add up very quickly when you have a lot of friends. To invite your friends to play Coin Master simply :

  • click on the "Friends" icon in the lower right corner of the screen,
  • enter the tab and click on "Invite friends" at the bottom,
  • choose your invitation method in the window that appears.

In particular, you can opt for the green "Invite" button which gives a Coin Master link to share with your friends in different ways. On the other hand, the blue "Invite" button allows you to send your invitation link only on Facebook Messenger.

Rewards and points for progress are only valid when your friend has never installed Coin Master on his or her mobile before. When several players invite the same friend, the friend will be able to use the link of only one person who will receive the gifts and bonuses in return.

Get spins and corners from other players

Once you invite your friends and they start playing, Coin Master allows you to offer free spins and corners in a reciprocal way. This is a feature that is available every day, without losing any personal spins. Players can send and receive a total of 100 spins. All you have to do is:

  • access the game menu by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen,
  • to click on "Gifts",
  • send and collect coins, tricks and cards among friends.

As stated at the bottom of the menu, gifts you send to a friend are not removed from your balance. Coin Master allows players to send and receive receive up to 50 turns each time. As for the number of rooms, it depends on the level of the village concerned.

Participate in Coin Master events to get bonuses

Special events are often organized for Coin Master players. Participating in them is one of the tips for collecting free spins and other bonus rewards. To see the schedule of upcoming events, go to the "Calendar" tab in the upper right corner of the game screen. Feel free to maximize your chances of getting free and unlimited spins by attending events as many times as possible.

Collector cards and energy capsules

In Coin Master, free spins are offered through the cards to collect. Players can obtain them through their slot machine spins. When the collection of cards is complete, you have the opportunity to redeem them for rewards including free spins.

In the game, you can also get 10 extra turns by combining 3 energy capsules. Finally, there are some online tools that will help you get free spins and coins in Coin Master. These are sites or applications that ask you in return to perform simple tasks like answering surveys or installing applications. Learn about each tool before using it to avoid the risk of scams.

Win spins and wedges as you compete against your opponents

Wedges and slot spins are also given to players as they battle their opponents. Shields are used as a defense to protect one's village from attacks. The player wins a free turn when using 4 shields.

Going on the offensive is also an effective strategy for collecting free spins and corners. You will be able to accumulate your resources with those of your opponents if you win. This is a risky strategy since you will lose your corners if you lose.

Attacks in Coin Master

On Coin Master slot machinesThe attacks take the form of hammers. They allow you to win coins and also increase the difficulty of quests that involve going through your friends' villages.

When an attack is initiated with the slot spins, Coin Master automatically directs you to the village of a friend or random player. You then have the choice of attacking him or selecting someone else. At the top of the screen, you have your list of friends, but also the revenge list that displays the players who have stolen your coins before.

The effect of the attack is to send the hit object one level back when there is no shield. The attacked player also loses stars. When he benefits from the protection of a shield or a rhinoceros, the attack will then be deflected, thus avoiding damage to his village.

Raids in Coin Master

Raids are another attack feature with the slot machine. When you get a raid after spinning, Coin Master takes you to the other players' village. You then have 3 shovels and 4 slots marked with an "X" that you have to dig to find corners and bonuses. One of the 4 spots is empty while the others contain coins or chests to dig up. From Village 4 on, you can use theanimal Chanterelle which identifies the empty slot to allow you to collect more coins on raids. The player who undergoes the raid is called the Coin Master, because he has a lot of coins.

For each completed village, Coin Master offers you special bonuses including unlimited free spins. The rewards obtained are more interesting when the game's "Village Obsession" event is active.

What you need to know about Coin Master

Coin Master

Created in 2015, Coin Master is a free mobile game belonging to the Israeli studio Moon Active. Its operation is essentially based on the spins and rewards of the slot machine. It is considered the precursor of a new type of game, called "social casino" or "casual casino". Easily accessible on various mobile devices, Coin Master has quickly positioned itself among the leaders in the market, as its statistics prove:

  • over 100 million downloads,
  • players have already spent more than 2 billion dollars,
  • the company raised $1.2 billion in 2020.

It is one of the mobile games that have quickly become successful all over the world. Its simplicity is a great advantage, in addition to the satisfaction of the construction of a village per level. Coin Master is actually named in many countries as the most profitable mobile game, including the UK and Germany in 2019.

The majority of players have very positive reviews. You can spend money to progress in the best conditions, but it is not a must during the first levels. There are several ways to get spins and free corners to start playing.

The principles of the Coin Master game

Corner master

Coin Master offers a simple premise combining classic casino mechanics with today's trendy mobile gaming features. Playing a game is all about taking turns on the slot machines to lead attacks, launch raids and gradually build a village. Your goal is toto be the greatest Viking, pirate or warrior. Coin Master games are also played through combinations from tricks, collecting pets and collecting cards.

Combinations in Coin Master

The Coin Master slot machine reel offers several possible combinations such as :

  • the three hammers to attack another player's village at random,
  • the three bags of gold to receive a large amount of coins representing the game's currency,
  • the three shields that constitute an automatic defense against an opponent's attack.

The player can also gather after one of his turns, three pigs, to be able to launch a raid. You proceed to plunder your opponent's rooms, taking care to avoid his shields. Depending on the case, you can directly target the Coin Master who is a player with a large amount of coins. When you hit the jackpot in classic slot machines, it's the jackpot.

The use of pets in Coin Master

Collect several pets and get more loot during your raids. You'll get these pets by completing the card collections that are often found in the chests. Collecting a chest can be done randomly during a raid, but also by buying it in the Coin Master store.

As far as cards are concerned, each collection is themed with a total of nine unique cards. Upon completing a collection, you are rewarded with free spins and other gifts such as pets. The number of spins and bonuses obtained vary according to the value of the cards. It is in playing the high levels that you will collect the rarest cards and chests.

How to win your Coin Master games?

Coin Master provides an energy system to spin the reels of the slot machine. Each point of energy allows the player to have a spin on the machine. When you play your first game, you receive welcome bonuses and free spins just like the classic casinos do. Depending on his level, the player can get up to 5 free spins every 50 minutes.

On the other hand, you can buy more energy points by spending real money in the store. With the in-app purchases Coin Master, you can even get bags of gold coins to upgrade your village directly without going through the slot machine.

At certain levels of the game, the player may find himself with many coins in his possession and even greater promises of winning. At this stage, you need to adopt the right strategy to play with all your corners.

One trick is to protect your village from attack by emptying your coins. You can spend the coins well by completing card collection, quickly building your village to progress, etc.

Different strategies will allow you to play Coin Master well and to maximize your earnings. However, each player has to find the way that suits him best. Through practice and confrontation in Coin Master, you will learn the methods to move to the next level every time.

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